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This game is addictive and I’m not worried about the ads because I can just put my phone on airplane mode and they go away. My problem is what this game does to my battery. It seems to do this with the dune game too. For example: I was going to the beach today and used my phone for 4 straight hours. I listened to music the whole time and used Snapchat for at least an hour and a half of that. My phone went down to 60% I charged it all the way to 100% before I went to dinner. I had nothing to do so for 30 minutes I played this game and my battery went from 100% to 30% really quick.

Performance Issues

I love this app, it’s a little time-waster mesmerizer. But the input lag and performance drops due to the ads during gameplay are a hard turn-off. In addition to that, there’s a second chance system in place that lets you continue your run after an ad. But what’s bad is that if you just want to restart, it STILL makes you watch an ad.

Best Game I’ve Ever Played On Mobile

I recently just hit level 100!! It took awhile but I can say that this game does NOT get boring. Sure it had its ads that you have to watch but this is definitely the best game I’ve played in mobile.


This game suxxxxx

My love for this game

I feel like a flawless fireball

Fire ride

This game is awesome

Ads ruined a decent idea.

The amount of ads in this game crosses the line between “enough to make money” and into the region of “so intrusive that I choose to not play the game.” Having ads for power ups and a banner that goes throughout the app is fine, but for me to have to watch an ad every time I want to start a new game is ridiculous. It’s a real shame, I liked the mechanic of this game.


Keeps on glitching

Bring back bonus going past 5

One star because bonus stops at 5 now instead of being how many hits in a row going unlimited as long as the streak lasts

Good Game

I like it !!!

The best game

So fun and nice


Best game ever played thank you


Worst app ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game! But some errors

Well, I think this is an amazing game because it challenges me and other players.I’m giving fire ball five for having awesome art work and for it’s name (I kinda think it’s cool!) Now I have to talk about the adds...THERE ARE SOOO MANY!!! Right after every game there’s an ADD! I know they need to make money, but they could at least get rid of the long ones!

fire rides

its a good game but it gliches you out of it a lot and that is very frustrating




This is the best yeah yeah


Too. Many. Ads. Uhhh


Very calming


Good game


This game is trash also just get out of here with them ads there so annoying

Lovin’ it! 🐷😻

I already have goals for this game, and I just got it a few days ago! You gotta get this game, and very, very fast! 🏃🏽‍♀️👍🏻

Pretty Fun

This game is pretty fun and sort of addicting I just got it today and I can’t stop playing it not like any other game I’ve seen before great game!


I got my first high score when you could get more than 5 points per green portal. Now it is impossible to beat my old high score because I can only get 5 points at most per green portal. However, I was almost at my original high score when your STUPID AD SENT ME TO A SAFARI PAGE AND KILLED ME! Dissappointed, but honestly not suprised:/

Addicted & tried to rip me off but still nice game

This game is really addicted I really like it. But there is small thing that should be fixed. After I played a lot, it automatically ask for ads free payment and payment screen of Apple pop up as if I asked for ads free version. It’s ridiculous!! Somebody can accidentally click ok!!! Pls be careful and don’t press that okay button accidentally. This game is good even tough that ripping of attempt, I gave 5 stars.


This game is so much fun on a scale of 1-100 it would probably be 10000000000000 I wish everyone would have this game

Fire Rides

I only play this game when airplane mode is turned on, therefore I get no ads, no lag, nothing like that. However, this does mean that I don’t get the ‘revive’ option, which I’m okay with as long as I can play with none of the bull; it’s more fun & less frustrating that way. I play most games that don’t require internet access on airplane mode (;

Too many ads

The ads on the bottom of the screen aren’t too much of an issue for me, but it’s the 30 second ads I have to sit through between attempts. Every. Time. The ads sometimes have fake X buttons as well so I end up going to the AppStore when I don’t want to. Other than that, great game. Very addictive.

I don’t know what to call it

Is not good or bad

Belo jogo

Esse jogo é sensacional!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻🤩

Fun game but there are so many ads the game glitches

Fun game but there are so many ads the game gets glitchy and choppy


It’s fun until it starts messing up and won’t let you go through the green rings. And omg the ads make me want to throw hands thank you.

Great podcast game- needs more game modes

This game is fantastic to play while listening to podcasts or on long phone calls. But please integrate more game modes like you have on your other games. The challenge modes add another layer to gameplay. For example avoid all portals, hit all portals, etc. Also I enjoy unlocking visual backgrounds as the level progresses. Please add this for 5 stars. Thank you.

Bad update

There was a recent update which changed the app so it stops increasing points after 5 in a row. It needs to go back to the previous version where it continuously increased.

Frustrating to the core

I'm absolutely frustrated by the no. of ads this game has! There is an ad after every round and it kills the user experience. I'm frustrated to the core. Deleting the app right now.

Go back to the last update

Guys it’s like impossible to get to 400 just have it go up by one instead of stopping at 5


Nothing wrong with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Point accumulation

Why did you change the scoring back to a 5 pt maximum on runs? Less exciting now.

Great app for a good time👍

I always have to have WiFi to use my apps... When I got Fire Rides, I could play it all the time.There are no bugs and it is very fun and easy.I would recommend this game to anyone, especially if they travel a lot.I love it.😍


This game is AMAZING. I have no complaints.They rarely ever even show ads. I hope that everyone who plays this game loves it as much as I do. This game has no flaws, and no bugs. ( well at least to me, anyway ) 5 stars to one of my favorite games!😜


It’s so darn frustrating!!!!!!!

F the update

The points you get for going through the inner point circles should not cap at 5. I'd give zero if I could.

Latest Update Issue

The green circle streak only adds up to 5 after update! You can’t get 6, 7, 8 or more points like you usually do when you go through the green rings repeatedly. Please fix!

Annoying bugs

I don’t want to waste your time so I’ll keep this short basically: #1: The revive does not work but you still need to watch the long ad. Next, when you have a streak of five it just keeps on doing it and doesn’t go on to six

So many Glitches!!

This app is great but, whenever I try to revive or watch a video to get a reward it glitches and I have to go out of the app then close the window and go on again it’s so annoying I’ve had this game for about a year and nothing has changed. Please fix the glitches!!!

Fun game but..

I do enjoy the game, however, it keeps freezing up around 200.


I love this game so much, but it a little hard since you can’t touch the walls.

Best Game Ever

Best Game Ever

Heard game but really cool

This is the hardest game but it is the coolest game ever

B1tch a55 game

Stay away it suckers you into paying for ad free game and then it keeps trying to sucker you into paying for ad free over and over again. Stay away

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