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Please join me in the fight against endless ads

Opening the game

I put this game as a 1 star to get your attention. I've downloaded this game multiple times, and when i click on it, it doesn't open. It takes 30 mins or more to actually open the app. Also, the adds are RIDICULOUS.😡 There's WAY to many! Please, make there less adds, and make it easier to open. I don't like the game because of those reasons. I'm sorry. I'm being honest.


Best game ever

Fraudulent Ad clicks. Trying to drive up revenue.

I like the game play, but even when you don’t click ad it will start a loop and click over and over on the add link. Probably to drive up Ad revenue. Thoghut Apple screened for this stuff. Total scam.

great app, bad ads

i absolutely love this game. i’ve been playing it nonstop for a week now and i can’t get enough. however, the ads for the game really irritate me. even if i don’t tap the ad at the bottom, my safari randomly opens to a page saying i’ve won an amazon gift card or an iphone, basic virus stuff. i wouldn’t mind it if it happened once or twice every time i’m in the app, but it happens during every or every other game. i’m kinda scared i have a virus now. it would be great if the developers looked into the issue!

Too many ads

This and used to be really fun. But now ads pop up every 2 seconds while I’m in the middle of playing. I’m not exaggerating when I say every 2 seconds. It’s ridiculous


So i have been playing this game and I keep getting a Amazon card like I won a 1000 card and every time I play it’s brings me to a website I recommend doing something about that

Ads interrupt gameplay

Fun game, slick design, ads that kick you out mid game and force you to lose progress. Really fun!

Ads that open browser mid game.

I understand ads. That’s how they make money. But when I get non stop ads mid run that open my browser that’s pushing it. And if it’s some ploy to make people want to buy ad free then that’s just pathetic.

Good game but...

This is a good game, I really like the concept, but there are WAY too many ads!☹️. They bring you to random websites in the middle of the game and it gets so frustrating! PLEASE fix this!!!

Too many ads

Persistent ads at bottom of game is one thing. Video ads that interrupt every 2-3 attempts (1 attempt being anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds of time) is another. Just make the app paid. The ads are so frequent and interruptive that I can’t even play the game long enough to know if I might actually think about buying to remove ads. These kinds of actions will guarantee I will never buy this or any game made by this developer.

“Revive Now?”

I have had an amazing time playing this game. That was until I was about to beat my high score and I died! Then the app asked me if I wanted to watch an add to give me one last chance. I watched the add that was for an app that I would never download anyways. Then when I was done with the add, it gave me the button that said, “Revive Now?” I clicked it again and again and it never revived me. This has happened several times. I usually like VooDoo apps. I have apps like Dune,, and Fire Rides. I was very upset.…

Enough with the ADS

This is a fun little game to mindlessly pass the time. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, although the frame rate is jittery and inconsistent on my iPhone 6S. Also, a soundtrack would be nice. These are minor complaints though. What really kills my rating is the incessant ad spam. Not only do you see ad banners while you’re playing the game, but 30-second video ads will pop up after almost every “Game Over” screen IN ADDITION to the option to voluntarily watch an add to respawn. Over the top is an understatement.

Fire Rides or whatever the hell its called!

On the ad it looked like a cool game. However I am a 65 y.o. woman who could use a few instructions/tips on how to play the f-ing game! I APOLOGIZE! I’m SO sorry for being rude, it’s just very irritating. Please help!?!

Amazing, spectacular

Spider-Man Spider-Man.........

My review read it

It’s calm and slow paced.


All it does is crash now, ever since I’ve gotten the game I’ve been able to play it 5 times, now it just crashes.


It used to be better. To avoid adds and speed up the game turn on airplane mode

Fire swing

Buy now

Little laggy

Would be a lot better without lag and pop ups, maybe just have options where you get revived if you watch a ad

Voodoo doesn’t care about you

Lets be real, all their games are just cheap ways to make money. They ask if you wanna watch a video to retry but if you press no thanks they’re like “well here’s an ad anyway. And $3 for No Ads, that’s more than they’ll make from u even if u keep the ads on.


Fun game I like how you have to time the tap so you get to keep on playing.

This app is fun for me

I’ve been looking for a app like this and I love it

Pretty Fun!

This game is really cool and also very fun. I am not deleting this app!

Good game but no sound.

The game is awesome but it has no sound. And when I play game I like to listen to my favorite songs like darkness or invisible. 4/5. Would rate it 5/5 if you add some music.

Age appropriate ads

Like the game but was very disappointed when I was playing with my 11 year old and a video/play along ad came up for “weed farm” where you need to click what looks like buy weed from a drug dealer.


This game is actually a pretty fun past time. I even decided to keep it for the long haul and paid to have adds removed. I'm going to collect all the different types of vessels!

Good game

This is a good quality game but not four or five stars well bye roughly a four but I gave it three

So many ads

Id rather give you a dollar than watch an ad every time i die. Deleted it instantly.

Go ad free

Bought ad free version, don’t regret it. This game helps my stress.

Major Lag

I really enjoy the game. However, the screen freezes all the time and I end up dying because I can’t see where I am. I love the graphics and it’s overall a great game but the lag makes it difficult to play.

Addicting but...

Don’t get me wrong, this game is super addicting. Whenever I have free time, I end up playing this game for hours on end. But the reason I rated it three stars because the amount of ads is UNREAL. For me, there is an add after every game, and sometimes when I’m in the middle of a game, it brings me to the App Store for some random app. I get that the ads are making you money, but I doubt this many needs to be there.


The ads be so annoying i cant even play the game. How is there gonna be ads in the middle of a game. And i make sure not to push the lil ad at the bottom.

Too many adds

Too many

Great App!

This is so fun! Especially when I’m bored. Today I was sick and this made me feel better!

They Changed the mechanics

Feels like they recently changed the weight and the way you ‘feel’ when you’re falling. Seems heavier and clunkier now. Until this is fixed rating will remain.

Good game but hate the ads and lag

Okay so, the game itself is fun and it’s addicting, but there’s obvious bugs that you guys need to work out. For starters, I hate that I’m a 10+ streak of swinging through the green hoops, but then a random ad forces me out of the game. When I get back in it, I die with no revive. I’ve also noticed a lot of lag lately whenever I’m swinging. Please fix these bugs, or I’m personally am not going to play anymore.

Ads are so annoying

you have to sit through ads after every game, super annoying, it slows down the game and will randomly open my safari.

Love fire rides

This games is the best because it so fun because you can unlock skins and a lot more

Glitches out

This game has recently started glitching out and being really slow while I’m playing. It will be so slow that it makes me die when I’m trying to get past a goal to get a new skin. I wanna blame the glitching our on the ads at the bottom but I’m not sure if that’s the reason


Viruses, Malware, and Phishing scams - you will be playing the game and it will randomly open Safari to a malware page, you don’t even have to accidentally click an ad. I’ve never had an app that was this untrustworthy. I had to delete the app. Safari opened to several of these pages: “Your iPhone may have Malware - click to fix” “Amazon - congratulations you’re a winner!” DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME


I love the game and all but..why would it always take me to a link to amazon and to the App Store and even tho I never touched the bottom ad but how tho??oh it’s the ads.R u guys this desperate for money? It usually messes up our progress from playing


I understand ads but I use the review button and it shows me a ad and doesn’t work


I love penis

Frame drops, inopportune safari ads on iPhone 6

Major frame drops on iPhone 6 that render the game near unplayable at times. On top of that the game switches to safari for an ad in the middle of gameplay.


It’s a great game but every time I’m in the middle of playing it, it will redirect me to some Amazon scam saying that I’ve won $1000, an iPhone X, or a Galaxy S8 and it’s SOOOO ANNOYING!!

Ads pop up without clicking

The game will often randomly stop and open Safari without me clicking any ad


I don't know if this is happening to anybody else but I'm getting a ridiculous amount of lag spikes fun game but if I always lose because of the lag spikes

Fun yet...

I like it but it always lags. Every time I get far, I lag....

Ads make this game unplayable.

The onscreen ads make my phone choppy which kills my timing, which is everything in this game. Was fun for a bit, time to move on.

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