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Fun but the ads will kill you

The game is fun but during the learning process (when you’re not that good) you spend more time watching ads than playing. Almost all the ads tend to be 30 seconds and it seems like they play every other restart.

Too many ads

Too many ads

It’s okay

I level up and then it freezes so i have to exit out the app but then i never get prize. and it has happened twice. it’s frustrating cause i work hard to get it but end up not getting anything!!

Fire Rides

This game is amazing and awesome many ads.

I really love this game, its fun to play, and its a time waster! I do have one complaint though, please reduce the amount of ads. It can interrupt my game play, and is very annoying. I know most free games have to have ads, but maybe put them in a different place..?


This game is way to cool

Fire Rides Is Amazing!

I think fire rides is amazing because it is a stress reliving game and trust me don’t play it at work or you won’t stop I’ve learned it the hard way!


Battery drains more than 20% within 5minutes of playing Running on ios11


Very fun I would definitely recommend this game

Good butt...

Automatically closes the application by itself when not connected to the internet.


Keeps crashing. Will change rating when fixed


Too many ads

Would be fun but...

The lag is unbearable. Makes the game straight up unplayable.

Not a good app

Too many adds, game lags when a new ad loads and causes you to lose. Uninstalled the game.

Is my sister ever going to shut up

I love don’t the title is your biz shop

4 star

Is ok but it not like though games that you really like like FIFA it just takes up space


Great game just lags a lot

Paid for no ads and there are still ads.

When I give you $2.99 because the button says no ads, I expect exactly 0 ads.


I open the app and it crashes so I try and close the app and try again but no matter what I do it crashes. Please fix it, it’s annoying.

Fix This

Game no longer opens after latest update. Just crashing each time I try to open the game/app. Please fix this

Awesome Lila

This is the finish game ever download it for free


Played it for about 15-20mins and was showered with so many ads. You basically get an ad every time you have to start over and I died a a lot. It gives you the 2nd chance option to continue from where you left off if you watch an ad, you can opt out and start all over.....AND STILL WATCH AN AD!!! why act like we have a choice to opt out of watching an ad. Aside from that the game COULD be fun but I just don’t like games that have no save feature. Point is to try to get as far As you can in just one go before sending you back to the beginning. Not a fan.

Too many ads

This game is incredibly addicting, but the ads are very off-putting. Way too many ads. They just bombard you with bad game ads, it’s insane.

Ads made me uninstall

Game concept was fun. Being forced to endure 30 second ads after every start over however was incredibly obnoxious and the game is not worth spending actual money on.

Ads after every death

I don’t mind ads in free games but this is unplayable

Pass time

This game is really fun to play for a few minutes yet often.

Too many ads to have fun

You have to watch an ad everytime you die and while you play annoying bright ads pop up distracting you while you play and the ads cause the game to freeze up so by the time it unfreezes you die and have to watch another ad. Im deleting this game now.

Constantly crashes

Fun but crashes a lot

Too many ads

This game is soooooo terrible with lag and ads? First off why is there ads in the middle of me playing the game and why does every time this is an ad you don’t pause the game instead you let it lag and then I end up dying, also in the middle of playing I keep getting a pop up that tells me to buy no ads version for 2.99 Jesus get your game straight before uploading it


Sh Janus

Some ideas…

Add some more portal skins and an option to shuffle through them. Also, add more sounds. The current ones are incredibly boring. Perhaps interchangeable audio packs so they don’t get old. Also also it’s very annoying to wait for a meaningless addition to my level after a failed, short ride.

Fun game if you like watching ads

This game was fun for a few minutes, but having to watch a minute long ad after each round is too much. It would have gotten more stars without the full on money grab to get you to pay to turn the insane amount of ads off.


The game itself is pretty good I’ve played it for a week or so but it crashes more than a Asian sitting on top of a semi truck going 85 without a driver. Fix it soon or I’m deleting.

Good but not perfect

It is a great game but too many pop up ads

Good game but one thing

I love this game I play it all the time but there is one thing that won’t work. The ads everytime I watch an ad for a free spin or extra life it freezes and doesn’t give me the prize.

Avoid for now. Not stable and ad heavy

Honestly a fun game and has some challenge. However it is incredibly ad heavy, and also recently very unstable. Between a crash every few minutes and an ad anywhere in they can put one, fine another option

Oh the ads

This game is so much fun and it is so addicting. But after every single play there is an ad were you have to play the game that’s on the ad. it gets quite annoying but I continue playing this game because it’s so much fun.

The frame rate is absolutely horrible

This game literally gives me a head ache

Cool but...

Has WAY TO MANY ADS but other than that will presented

Update for the worse

Before the update with portals when the fire died it had ads the first time, then the second time it didn’t. Now it has ads all the time and they expect us to pay 2.99 just to stop watching? What is wrong with the people who made the game? I deleted the app and until they do something better, this game shall do nothing because no one wants to wait just for a game with fire.

You pay for “less ads” not “no ads”

I like this game but the ads after unlocking are beyond annoying

“No Ads” version is a lie, do not purchase

This game is very fun. So I was willing to spend money on it to purchase the quote “no ads” version. However, this ONLY removes the ads between each run. Do you want a “second chance” run? Well watch an ad even though you paid for no ads. Want to level up early, or have another spin at the level up wheel? Best watch 2 ads back to back even though you paid for no ads. There is, no joke, even a fireball skin locked behind watching 20 ads. You can’t make this crap up.


This game is bad sorry. The ads are too much and some of the things you have to do to unlock skins are to impossible.

Best game

This is the best game I have ever played I even like it more than ROBLOX! But you need to put in less ads they keep annoying me.


Love the game but dang after every death an AD! Super annoying and def not worth $3 to get rid of the adds. Deleted!!



It’s cool

It’s a cool game but it lags hard. It lags and you loose the game 👋🏽😂👎🏽

Very fun but it crashes

I love the game a lot and I’ve only been playing for one day. My high score is 98.something! But the game often crashed as soon as I start it up, and when I’m playing . I don’t know if it’s because I play when I don’t have Internet or not but please patch as soon as possible.

Lags and ads

Great concept for a game, just one that doesn't seem to work on my phone. For one, a fast paced game like this should have absolutely NO lagging at all, or else you risk mis-tapping and dying, but it does. It's the most annoying thing in the world when I'm about to reach my high score, and the frame rate drops and I end up tapping at the wrong time. Also, the ads are extremely frustrating. Every single time I finish a run I have to watch a 30-second unskippable ad for that stupid Owen Wilson movie. Please, fix this game because I actually like playing it when it works.

Awesome Game

Awesome game it seems easy but starts to get intense!

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